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Dental Hygienist in Dundrum,Dublin

Our dental hygienist is an important part of the team at Glenville Dental in Dundrum. Dental hygienists are specialists in oral health care, and will plan, implement, and evaluate the dental hygiene part of your treatment plan. Hygienists work collaboratively with our dentists, orthodontists, and periodontists to provide well-rounded oral care for all of our patients. They perform many tasks including new patient consultations, basic teeth cleaning and oral hygiene instruction.

dental hygienist in dundrum dublin

More About Dental Hygienists

A dental hygienist is a specialist in holistic oral care. They will perform treatments to correct and prevent dental disease, and help to maintain optimal oral health. An important part of this is coaching you through proper oral health care, which includes individualised dental cleaning techniques.  They will also advise you about the impact of some of your lifestyle choices and nutritional habits on your dental health. Typical tasks a hygienist performs include:

  • Patient screening procedures.
  • Assessment of oral health conditions and oral cancer screening.
  • Removing calculus and plaque from your teeth.
  • Applying preventive materials to the teeth (sealants, fluorides or other substances).
  • Teaching patients proper techniques for tooth brushing, flossing.

Dental Hygienist

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Benefits of Oral Health Treatment

Maintaining a good oral health plan is the best way to prevent dental disease, and create a beautiful healthy smile. If you have poor oral hygiene, you are likely to face issues ranging from tooth decay and cavities to gingivitis, periodontitis, and even tooth loss. These issues can cause pain and discomfort when eating, drinking, or talking, and can have a follow on effect on your overall health and well-being. The team at Glenville Dental wants to help prevent this, and help you maintain optimal oral health. We recommend attending for a check-up every 6 months, and making sure to regularly clean and floss your teeth at home.

  • Prevent dental disease and decay.
  • Maintain healthy gums.
  • Stronger and better looking teeth.
  • Cure chronic bad breath.
  • Reduced likelihood of needing dentures in the future.
  • Healthier smile.

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Dental Hygienist Consultation

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Great News!

Glenville Dental has reopened from the 3rd June!

Patient safety has always been our priority at Glenville Dental. We already employ the highest level of hygiene & decontamination procedures.

When attending please bear in mind the additional safety procedures we need to employ in relation to Covid-19.

These include-
1. Please do not attend the practice if you have or could have covid-19. We will be asking you some health screening questions before booking an appointment.

2. Please attend on your own if possible, and please do not arrive too early for your appointment. There will be limited waiting room facilities, please call 2981133, or use the intercom when you arrive.

3. We will ask you to hand sanitise, and we will also conduct a non-contact temperature check when you arrive.

4. We will be wearing additional PPE during your appointment, and there will also be increased time between appointments to allow for disinfection etc.

5. There will be no bathroom facilities available at the surgery.

6. If you need any claim forms completed, e.g. VHI/Laya, please bring these to your appointment, and the dentist will sign these prior to you leaving.

Check out our Facebook or Instagram pages for additional updates and we look forward to seeing you soon!

All the team at Glenville Dental